Explaining our unique technology capability

R&D Capability

Our product has unique structure stemmed from originally developed technology. Our core product, lithium-ion secondary battery separator has superior physical strength as well as low impedance. As a result, our separator contributes to improvement of charge-discharge and cycle characteristics of battery.

Production Capacity
High mass production capability

We employ successive biaxial orientation method in production. The method stretches membrane separately to mechanical and perpendicular directions, which improves mass production capability by maximising usable area dimension of membrane film.

Manufacturing Technology
Realising clients’ requirements

We achieved mass production of separator optimal to clients’ battery designs by controlling microscopic porosity (an indicator to evaluate performance of separator, which measures ratio of pores per total volume) and air permeability (another indicator to evaluate performance of separator, which measures ion conductivity by time to permeate certain volume of air), resulted from know-how in mixture of materials, additive agents and auxiliary materials as well as expertise in kneading by film extruder. Membrane film mass production technology achieved through separator manufacturing can be applied in various membrane films with variety of performance and usage.