Personal data protection policy

W-Scope Corporation (hereafter, “Company”) acknowledges importance of personal information (including specific personal information) protection and aims to protect personal data and information based on the following policy;

  1. Access to personal information
    Company accesses and obtains personal information by fair and legal means.
  2. Use of personal information
    Company clarifies purpose of using personal information and uses it within the purpose, except for situations separately specified by law.
  3. Sharing personal information with third parties
    Company shall not share personal information it obtains with third parties without prior agreement, except for situations separately specified by law.
  4. Management of personal information
    1. Company shall organise and prepare system to properly manage personal information and thoroughly communicate this policy to the directors, management and staff members so that such information will be appropriately handled in day to day business.
    2. Company places appropriate information security measure against fraudulent access and computer viruses to protect personal information from damage, loss, destruction, falsification and information leak.
    3. Company shall strictly supervise any third-party subcontractor that manages personal information.
  5. Request to disclose, correct, suspend usage and delete personal information
    Company shall appropriately and promptly process any such request from owner of personal information based on law and Company’s procedure.