Business Summary

W-Scope Corporation mainly develops, manufactures and sells separator for Lithium-ion secondary batteries.

Lithium-ion secondary battery

Lithium-ion secondary battery is widely used in mobile electronics devices such as laptops and smartphones. Since 2008, it has been introduced as a battery for eco-friendly vehicles such as HEVs and EVs.

Separator : Cathode Material,Anode Materials,Electrolyte,Protection Circuit Module Materials,Electrode(Nonferrous Materials) > Lithium-ion Battery & Other Final Products Materials > Final products : Smart Phone,Video Camera,Note-PC,Dgital Camera,Power Tool,Game Machine,Industrial Machinery,Electric Motorcycles,Electrical Vehicles,And so on

Production, R&D and Business Structure

Production and R&D

W-SCOPE's production and R&D are specialised in membrane films.

  1. We employ successive biaxial orientation method in production. The method stretches membrane separately to mechanical and perpendicular directions, which improves mass production capability by maximising usable area dimension of membrane film.
  2. We achieved mass production of separator optimal to clients’ battery designs by controlling microscopic porosity (an indicator to evaluate performance of separator, which measures ratio of pores per total volume) and air permeability (another indicator to evaluate performance of separator, which measures ion conductivity by time to permeate certain volume of air), resulted from know-how in mixture of materials, additive agents and auxiliary materials as well as expertise in kneading by film extruder.
  3. In W-Scope, all production is integrated in W-SCOPE KOREA CO., LTD. Lithium-ion secondary battery makers are concentrated in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and United States. To cover locations that battery makers operate, we oversee market in Japan as well as supervise the entire group’s marketing operation. W-SCOPE KOREA CO., LTD markets to Korea, United States and Europe, and W-SCOPE HONGKONG CO., LTD cultivates markets in China and Taiwan. In addition, our R&D activities are conducted by Development Department in W-SCOPE KOREA CO., LTD that currently works on high-heat resistant separator.

Separator film ready for shippingSeparator film ready for shipping

Our product enlarged by 20,000 timesOur product enlarged by 20,000 times

Business Network

W-Scope group companies are globally located with sales networks in and outside Japan.