Message from CEO

As a partner to growth together with customers and shareholders….

W-Scope is a venture founded in October 2005. It made a firm first step as a membrane film specialist company in the fields of future energy, environment and medical. So far, we repeatedly challenged – many times, products we had developed over number of years failed to achieve shipment stage because of rapid change in the market. But we continued to develop and manufacture high-function, high-quality products day and night, and globally promote W-Scope and its products. As a result, many customers need our products today.

Lithium-ion secondary battery separator that we manufacture can be only produced by a limited number of companies for it is a product that is difficult to manufacture and requires complicated production process. Today it is used not only in PC and smartphones but in various other applications such as electric vehicles and fuel cells, thanks to trust and support we receive from stakeholders.

With our “Challenge Spirit”, we, W-Scope Group as one, commit ourselves to further apply polymer film technology that we cultivated in separator to various other fields, and globally expand businesses that improve people’s quality of life and better environment.


W-Scope Corporation
Won-Kun Choi