As a partner who grows along with the customers and equity holders...

Won-Kun Choi Representative Director W-SCOPE Corporation

W-SCOPE is a venture company which started in October 2005. In the fields of future energy, environment, and healthcare, we took a bold step forward as a company specializing in membrane film. Having faced challenge after challenge, there were many cases where we were in the end found it very difficult to release products we had developed over a few years of development due to sudden changes in the market. However, in order to maintain our high functionality and high quality, we have continued our research and production day and night, and in order to make W-SCOPE known we have done business all around the world. As a result of this, the number of client companies who need our products has surpassed s100.

Currently, the separators for lithium-ion secondary cell batteries which we produce are products whose manufacture is extremely difficult and requires a complex production process of which only a very few companies in the world are capable. When we first attempted to develop and produce separator film, many specialists didn't believe we'd succeed.

At that time, it was a field in which even large firms with vast investment and large human resources had been unable to succeed. However, we accomplished it. These results were due to nothing more than the faith and support of our clients and shareholders.

From the very start, we have held "the spirit of challenge" as the most important aspect of W-SCOPE's corporate identity. Going forward we will continue to grasp our clients' needs with persistent spirit and develop new membrane film with as little burden to the environment as possible. Furthermore, we earnestly hope that W-SCOPE will become a filter--like the role served by membrane filters--and serve the role of providing our clients, shareholders, and employees with "value" and "satisfaction."

Keeping in mind that "one shouldn't forget one's original resolution," and not letting small successes or praise go to our head, we as the entire W-SCOPE Group will press forward to be a company which will expand its global business in a number of fields and continue to provide our clients with high-quality products.

Won-Kun Choi
Representative Director
W-SCOPE Corporation

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