High-volume productivity

In the production method, we utilize a sequential uniaxial separate extension method to advance an extension of the machine direction and orthogonal direction separately. Through this production method, width extension at a higher speed becomes possible, maximizing the usable surface of the film, and increasing the volume of productivity.

Realization of customers' needs via technical know-how

By production carried out with the management of fine porosity (One of the indicators which evaluates the performance of the separator, it measures the ratio of pores on the surface area. It influences strength and ventilation.) via the mixture of the materials, additive agents, and auxiliary materials and the technical knowhow in extrusion machines, and the amount of ventilation (One of the indicators which evaluates the performance of the separator, it is the foundation of the ion's conductivity. It measures the amount of time for a fixed amount of air to pass through.), we were able to realize mass production of separators best suited for our clients' electrical designs.

Blending / Mixing / High-ductile draw ratio production technology (sequential uniaxial separate extension method), etc.

Improvement of battery properties

Our company's products have characteristic structures developed via these unique technologies, and we have realized in them superior strength while at the same time low impedance. These characteristics have helped us to improve the batteries' charge-discharge characteristics and cycle characteristics.

Our company's products

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